Completed Challenges

Canari Frigo

Canari Frigo is a young sustainable enterprise providing natural fridges. The product allows people to save money by conserving fruits, vegetables, other food and medicines. The team consists of four young Burkinese. During one month I worked with the team on marketing, sales, finance, strategy and team spirit. 

Enactus Morocco

The second project on my Green Sense Tour was with Enactus Morocco. I co-developed a workshop on Sustainability and Innovation. I gave the workshop in 5 cities in Morocco and gave personal consultancy to the local Enactus teams. Read more about it here

Founding MakeSense communities Istanbul, Tirana, Rabat and Marrakesh

Together with the fabulous Ayse Nur, I started a MakeSense community (Hotspot) in Istanbul. Read more about the story in Istanbul here. When travelling through Albania I initiated a MakeSense Hotspot together with Frida through a workshop. In Rabat I collaborated with Sara to start a MakeSense hotspot in Rabat. Later I also co-facilitated a workshop in Marrakesh with Iman to initiate a Hotspot there. 


In October-November 2013 I worked for Yesilist. Yesilist is the platform for sustainable living and consumption in Turkey. I worked on their strategy and business model, on a marketing campaign on organic food and I organized a MakeSense hold-up for Yesilist. Read more here

Challenges completed outside of my Green Sense Tour


In October 2012 I founded StuJardin, a student organization on urban gardening. The organization consists of 40 volunteers. Together we established a vegetable garden at Ghent University and organized five workshops on various aspects of urban gardening. We reached +-500 people with these workshops. Find StuJardin on Facebook or visit the website

Flexible working at Bond Beter Leefmilieu

In September 2012 I did an internship at the HR department of Bond Beter Leefmilieu, the Flemish union of green NGOs. In a month time I set up a flexible working scheme, set out a company policy on the matter together with the management, started a trial period and planned the evaluation procedure. Today, the organization has implemented flexible working throughout the organization. 

A second hand guide for Istanbul

During my exchange year in Istanbul (2011-2012) I started a project on second hand shopping. Together with a group of 30 volunteers I created a second-hand shopping guide. In June 2012 I organized a walking tour together with Yesilist, the green platform in Turkey. 150 people attended this tour. Read the story here. Check out the second-hand shopping guide here

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