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  • Are you a sustainable entrepreneur? Are you struggling with a challenge? Do you want the ideas of a group of people to solve your challenge? 
  • Do you need inspiration on sustainability and innovation? You don't know where to start tackling a problem?
  • Are you stuck in a life you don't like? Are you searching for a passion? Do you want to change the world but you don't know how?

Yes? Yes? Yes?
Then you might consider me to solve your challenge!

Green Sense Tour Consultancy

During my Green Sense Tour, I give consultancy on strategy, project management, operations management, human resources management and community building. I am a qualified master in business engineering specialized in operations management. I have special experience in human resources on teleworking and work-life balance. Learn more about my professional skills and experience on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, I am a MakeSense Gangster. This means I lever my talents, energy and connection in order to help sustainable entrepreneurs. A main way to do this is by organizing workshops in order to tackle challenges of sustainable entrepreneurs. Such a workshop is called a MakeSense Hold-up. A Hold-up is a two-hour brainstorm session with 15 people designed to co-create four feasible solutions for a particular challenge. 

Formats to hire me

Green Sense Tour Consultancy:
  • One-month consultancy. During one month I work for a sustainable start-up to solve a challenge it is facing. If suitable, I prepare and organize a hold-up to crowdsource the ideas and knowledge of people to find a feasible solution for the challenge at the start of this month.
  • Hold-up. I organize a MakeSense Hold-up to tackle a challenge of a green entrepreneur. I leave it to the green entrepreneur to implement the solution.
In this offer, I help green entrepreneurs for free. I don’t charge money, except for accommodation and living costs. 

  • Workshop Sustainability and Innovation. In a four-hours workshop, I provide a practical tool to tackle existing needs in a sustainable way. Throughout the workshop we apply the tool on an existing case together. Workshop developed for Enactus Morocco.
  • Workshop Discover your Dreams. A four-hours workshop to discover your vision (what kind of world you want to help building), your mission (a way to reach your vision, e.g. a sustainable enterprise, an NGO etc.) and a concrete pathway to reach your mission. 

Learn more about a MakeSense Hold-up in this movie. 

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