Saturday, 6 December 2014

The End

My Green Sense Tour is over. 11 months of learning, meeting inspiring people and finding my own path. The end; a moment to look back. The end: a new start. 

The Journey passed by in Darmstadt, Kassel,
Zurich (picture) and Wageningen
The final part of my Green Sense Tour was a Summer School on climate change and entrepreneurship. Five weeks. Lectures, site visits and workshops on climate change and entrepreneurship. 43 talented young people. The mission: develop an idea for a climate-related start-up and write a business plan. I had high expectations of the Climate-KIC Summer School. Even tough, things were different than I had expected, it was a wonderful period. It felt great to follow a set programme and to, for once, go with the flow. I was amazed by the close group of friends all 43 people became in the end. I learned a lot. About my group dynamics. About changing behavior of people. About myself. About start-ups.

The End

And so the end has come of a very intense period of travelling, meeting amazing people and learning. I’m grateful for all the good, helpful and inspiring people which I’ve met on the road. I’m grateful for the interesting projects I could do at Yesilist, Enactus, Canari Frigo and Confitures Re-Belles. I’m grateful to have been emerged in the world of MakeSense, with its gangsters and hold-ups. I’m grateful for the opportunities I got to inspire other people, to steer positive action and to unite people around a common cause. Lastly, I’m very happy that I realized the goal of my Green Sense Tour: find a need and opportunity to start my own sustainable business. 

The four projects of my Green Sense Tour:
Yesilist, Enactus Morocco, Canari Frigo and Confitures Re-Belles.

A New Start: Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network

In the final months of my journey, the idea of my own start-up was born. When meeting entrepreneurs who tackle food waste across Europe, I saw a need and opportunity to connect these pioneers in a network. Shortly after coming back, Alice and I  (on the picture) decided to join forces to make to start the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network. We have been working on it for three months now. It has been a rollercoaster of making a strategy, trying things, changing our plan and meeting many enthusiast entrepreneurs and changemakers. Check out our website or like us on Facebook

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