My mission

The world is changing in an irreversible way because of climate change. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels and food crises will touch everyone on this planet. I believe this fact creates a personal responsibility for everyone on this planet. We have the chance and responsibility to seize this transition as an opportunity to help building a better world. Hence, I want to set up a company which contributes to a better environment and the well-being of people. Financial profit is a means, not an end. 

Green Sense Tour

During my Green Sense Tour I want to realize this mission by helping sustainable entrepreneurs with challenges they are facing. During ten months of travelling I will help green start-ups by working as a consultant for them for a one month period. On the one hand I will help them with my skills, knowledge and energy. On the other hand I will help them by sourcing the skills, knowledge and creativity of the MakeSense community. Helping these green entrepreneurs with their challenges, will assist me in developing a business model for a sustainable company, gain professional experience, build a network and learn more about sustainable entrepreneurship.


The Green Sense Tour is a project supported by MakeSense, a growing global community of young change makers. Their mission is to help social entrepreneurs. They do this by levering their talents, energy and connections to solve challenges of social entrepreneurs. Have a look at this page to find out more on MakeSense and how you can help. 

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The focus of my Green Sense Tour is on sustainable entrepreneurship. Sustainable entrepreneurs provide a sustainable solution for a need, an environmental or social problem. Check out four examples of sustainable entrepreneurs here. I will work for five sustainable start-ups in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. These could be start-ups in the field of energy, food, waste, buildings, mobility or tourism. 

Green changemakers

While travelling I want to meet up with change makers in the fields of sustainability, entrepreneurship and alternative living. I want to understand what drives them. I want to know how they envision the future. I want to be inspired by them. Take a look at my itinerary here. I will write about my experiences and insights with these changemakers and sustainable entrepreneurs on this blog.

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