MakeSense is a growing global community of young change makers. MakeSense’s mission is to help social entrepreneurs. 

This movie explains MakeSense in five minutes.


The members of MakeSense are called Gangsters. They call their talents, skills, knowledge and connections their ‘superpowers’. In November 2013 there are 800 gangsters. The network is expanding rapidly and so is does its impact.  

What they do

The MakeSense Gangsters help social entrepreneurs by levering their superpowers to solve challenges of social entrepreneurs. They do this by organizing MakeSense Hold-ups. A MakeSense Hold Up is a 2-hour crazy creativity workshop to solve a specific social entrepreneur's challenge. Everybody can join a hold-up and co-create a solution to the challenge. A Sense Drink is a meet-up of Gangsters, sympathizers and people interested in MakeSense to have a drink together. It is a perfect way to get to know MakeSense. 

Want to join?

You can help MakeSense by connecting the community to social entrepreneurs with a challenge, attending a Hold-up or organizing a hold-up yourself. Would you enjoy doing this? Become a MakeSense Gangster yourself! MakeSense is an open community. Anyone can join. Fill out this Google Form!

Want to know more?

Check out the challenges of social entrepreneurs on this page.
Follow MakeSense on Facebook or on Twitter.
Learn more on MakeSense, how it started and what values it has on the blog. 
Get to know the different MakeSense formats better on this page. It is the work of Daniel Hires, a fellow Gangster who did a great job gathering the best movies on MakeSense.

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