Friday, 1 August 2014

The Last Journey

It was cold and it started raining a bit. I put on my big-thumb white glove. After a few minutes a big car with a nice American driver stopped. He was going to Luxembourg. That was October 2013. Nine months of hitchhiking, meeting sustainable entrepreneurs, experiencing kindness and learning by doing. I’m keeping the best for last. Sunday 3 August I’m hitchhiking to Darmstadt (Germany) for theJourney – the last journey of my Green Sense Tour.

TheJourney is a five-week summer school on climate change and entrepreneurship organized by Climate-KIC. For five weeks I’ll live and learn together with an international crowd of young people passionate about climate change. The goal: get to know environmental problems more in-depth and find solutions through entrepreneurship.

We aren’t staying at one place! TheJourney  takes place in 3 countries. The programme: Darmstadt (Germany, 1 week), Kassel (Germany, 1week), Z├╝rich (Switzerland, 2 weeks) and Wageningen (the Netherlands, 1 week). TheJourney is fully funded by the organization. My tight travelling budget is very grateful for that fact.

Even though it already has been a heavy and exciting year, I’m really looking forward to these five weeks. On the one hand I believe I will meet and work with amazing people. As I experience each time when I meet people of MakeSense and talk with them about social entrepreneurship, having a shared passion creates mutual understanding and results in friendships.

On the other hand, I hope to develop the idea I want to pursue for the coming months and years. I want to start a network for Food Waste Entrepreneurs – read more about it in my previous post here. This network will facilitate collaboration and exchange between those entrepreneurs and support them to develop faster. The mission: reducing food waste one venture at a time. TheJourney comes at exactly the right moment. It will give me the tools, input and inspiration to develop the idea, sharpen its value and make it ready to start.

Questions about theJourney? Want to participate in 2015? Read more about it here

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