Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How my Expedition became a Green Sense Tour

It was Géraldine who introduced me to MakeSense. In July 2013 she organized a MakeSense hold-up in Ghent. My gut feeling told me to go there. Even though I couldn’t stay for longer than an hour, it made an impression on me.

My first hold-up in Ghent with Géraldine and Elien.
When I told Géraldine a couple of weeks later about my plan to travel, meet and help sustainable entrepreneurs, she mentioned MakeSense again. ‘Joris, you should become a MakeSense Gangster!’ A Gangster? Excuse me…

She explained that MakeSense is a growing community of young changemakers who are passionate about helping social entrepreneurs. Community? Check. Young? Check. Changemaker? Check. Helping social entrepreneurs? Green entrepreneurs qualify as social entrepreneurs. Check!

I found out soon enough what it meant to be a MakeSense Gangster. It is finding a gang of like-minded people all over the world. It is talking to other passionate people and feeling there is a click. It is finding other changemakers to join forces to create impact. I even found out about gangsters who are doing Sense Tours. While travelling they meet other Gangsters and make a difference for social entrepreneurs. Bruno Pison, for example is now on a Food Sense Tour for 400 days to meet sustainable actors in the field of nutrition.

I decided to turn my Expedition to Sustainable Entrepreneurship into a Sense Tour. A Green Sense Tour to be specific. I want to involve the MakeSense Gang closer in my project. I believe I can make a difference for MakeSense. I help MakeSense by convincing changemakers on my way to join the movement. I help MakeSense by starting up local MakeSense movements. I help MakeSense by doing Hold-ups (MakeSense workshops) to tackle challenges of green entrepreneurs. I believe MakeSense can make a difference for me. MakeSense gives me a ‘family’ everywhere I go. MakeSense gives me a framework to create impact. MakeSense gives me a sounding board and opens doors.

For my Green Sense Tour I greenified the MakeSense logo.

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